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Our mission is to inspire and empower teenagers to recognise their unique strengths and passion

and find game-changing ways to put them into action, 

so that they can make a positive difference for themselves and others, and make a real dent in our universe.

2nd Birthday Special!

30% off our programmes - now only $275 for the two days
($185 with tax deduction)


We don't want cost to stand in the way, so if that is still too much, apply for a scholarship - courtesy of Williams Corporation we have free places to give away in Christchurch! Email us now.

Interrupting the conversation around doubt, failure and anxiety


Many teenagers lack a real sense of purpose or belief in themselves. They are limited by an education system that is driven by conformity rather than creativity. 


Today's expanding technologies expose teenagers
to a constant bombardment of information and comparison. Peer pressure is at unprecedented levels. 
So too, are feelings of failure, anxiety and
low self-worth, New Zealand has the highest
teenage suicide rate in the developed world.

At Know Your Purpose, we interrupt the talk 
around doubt, failure and anxiety and provide personalised, transformational experiences
that support 
teenagers to develop the life skills
they need to live happy and fulfilled lives

What are your natural talents?

All participants complete a profile test to identify their unique blend of talents. This enables them to understand their own strengths, the value they add to others and how they learn best. 


We use the world's leading profile tool for entrepreneurs, especially adapted for young people. 

Dynamo energy

Blaze energy

Tempo energy

Steel energy

Teenagers ...

  • Don't know what you want to do with your life?

  • Feeling bored, disillusioned or under-valued?

  • Have something you are passionate about?

  • Want to make a difference and don't know where to start?

​Come and join one of our fun-packed programmes to find out about your unique talents, explore your passions and purpose, make new friends and discover your easiest route to success.

Family and friends

We understand the power of a supportive environment, hence include free seminars for family and friends during all our teenager programmes.


You will see the different personality types identified by our profile tool, and understand why some people find certain things easier than others. And why we all have different ways of succeeding. 


We can also speak at parent or school events on request.

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