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We believe that inspiring teenagers to recognise their unique strengths, passion and purpose will have the greatest positive impact on all our futures. 

Many schools do a great job within the constraints of the current system, however there are gaps. Academic success is no longer enough to thrive in today's fast paced world. 

Young people with a strong sense of purpose will have greater:

  • Resilience and satisfaction

  • Employment and financial success

  • Mental and physical well-being.

We address the gaps and support your teenager to  make the difference they want to create.


Do you feel that there is more that you have inside you, a part of you that wants to do and be more?

Do you want to:

  • get clear on your best direction?

  • know your unique strengths?

  • follow your passion?

  • grow your confidence?


​Join one of our fun-packed programmes to find out more about yourself and how to make a positive difference for yourself and others.

Family and friends

We understand the power of a supportive environment, hence include free seminars for family and friends during all our teenager programmes.


We are happy to present at parent or school events on request.

What others say

"What a gift this program is!  It has been truly lovely to watch my usually stressed/anxious daughter relax into a sense of understanding of her own unique talents.  I quite literally just watched her become OK with going to school, it's like she was finally able to gain a perspective that has allowed her to celebrate the parts she likes and not sweat the parts she doesn't."

Vanessa, Christchurch

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