Kia ora and welcome

Our purpose is to inspire teenagers to discover their strengths, passion and purpose, so that they can become leaders for positive change.

We are a registered charity, working in partnership with businesses and funding agencies to ensure everyone can attend our programmes.  

Vanessa, Christchurch

"What a gift this program is!  It has been truly lovely to watch my usually stressed/anxious daughter relax into a sense of understanding of her own unique talents.  I quite literally just watched her become OK with going to school, it's like she was finally able to gain a perspective that has allowed her celebrate the parts she likes and not sweat the parts she doesn't."


Teenagers, do you ...

  • Doubt yourself but want to grow your confidence?

  • Have something you're passionate about?

  • Want to make a difference but don't know where to start?

  • Feel boxed in or not listened to?

​Come and join one of our fun-packed programmes to find out about your unique talents, explore your passions and purpose, make new friends and discover your easiest route to success.

Family and friends

We understand the power of a supportive environment, hence include free seminars for family and friends during all our teenager programmes.


You will see the different personality types identified by our profile tool, and understand why some people find certain things easier than others. And why we all have different ways of succeeding. 


We can also speak at parent or school events on request.