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Newsletter Sept/Oct 2121


Welcome to our first newsletter, where we share new opportunities and life-skill programmes to support teenagers to get ahead, know what they want to do and have the drive to get there.

In this edition we offer:

  • Key tips on getting your teenager on the right track

  • A special deal on our upcoming programmes - in person & online

  • An update on our partnerships


Let's support all teenagers to get clear on their direction and find what it is that will have them jump out of bed in the morning with focus and passion. Please share this newsletter with anyone you know with teenagers.

Get Clear on Your Path of Least Resistance

We recognise that everyone is unique and has their own special blend of strengths. Consequently we don't all learn or succeed in the same way. One of our fundamental goals is to enable teenagers to get into their flow, i.e. find the direction that best suits who they are. Here are the key steps to talk through with your teenager:


  1. The first step is to encourage your teenager to identify their natural strengths. We use the Talent Dynamics profile test, as it provides a detailed report written specifically for teenagers and guidance on potential career options. However, there are other strengths finder tools out there. 

  2. Step 2 is to overlay passion - what we love doing. We're currently working with Teens in FLO to offer individualised projects in this space. We'll share more in our next newsletter.

  3. Thirdly, what does the world need - define a purpose that we can contribute to. We have a number of business mentors ready to support teenagers in running purpose-led projects in the community, and happy to make introductions. This is a powerful way to stand out from others when applying for jobs later. 

  4. What can we get paid for. If your teenager has already done their profile test and identified their natural talents, we have follow on programmes coming online shortly that will explore when/how to find a job and when/how to create one!

Don't miss out - flick us a quick email to express your interest.


This is a short video of the talk I gave recently at the global Youth Education Summit on how to find your 'why' and why it's important. 






Upcoming Programmes - Unleash Your Talent

  • Christchurch Tues 7th & Wed 8th Dec at Ara Institute of Canterbury

  • Online starting Nov 1st. 

Normally $495 ON SPECIAL at $375

Scholarships often available.

For more information or to apply click here  

Exciting New Partnerships

Know Your Purpose recognises that some teenagers are dealing with challenges that prevent them being ready to engage fully yet on the journey above. We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the Youth Mental Health Foundation in the UK to deliver clinically assessed and proven programmes to support parents of teenagers who self-harm. See more information under the Partners tab on our website.