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Live YOUR Best Life!

Our programmes are for teenagers who are ready to step up. We offer considerable support and guidance but you need to be ready and willing to take yourself on.


Not everyone is ready to commit to our programmes, so we have partnered with the following amazing organisations who  provide their own specialised services. 



The Horizon Plan

Run by the Youth Mental Health Foundation (UK)

An online programme for parents of self-harming teens/tweens. This programme consists of five online modules, supported by regular webinars and a private Facebook group. The modules are:

  1. Introduction

  2. Put Your Own Mask on First

  3. The Bonding Stage

  4. The Healing Stage

  5. The Growing Stage

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The first part of this programme is designed to equip the parent to play a vital role in supporting their child's journey back to health and happiness. The second part focuses on the healing and growth of the child. You will see that 'Unleash your Talent' is a pivotal part of the Growing Stage! 

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