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All our programmes provide personalised learning opportunities for your teenager.

Unleash Your Talent 

This is available online or as a two-day face-to-face programme. 

They will explore their strengths and passions, gain self-esteem, motivation and a deeper understanding of themselves. In the 2nd part of the programme, we go beyond the individual's strengths and passion to explore purpose, the value they bring to others, and the positive difference they would like to see in the world. The teenagers draw on the support of business mentors and others to develop their ideas and if they choose, they can deliver a purpose-led project in their local community. 



Grab the opportunity NOW! Just $495 NZD*

*Scholarships may be available courtesy of our sponsors.

A rebate will be offered if you have previously purchased a Teen Dynamics token.


What you get:

An awesome fun, interactive learning experience

Teen Dynamics profile test

Personalised strengths report

 Support from business mentors

 Recognition of their passions and the difference they can make

Greater confidence in themselves

A clear plan for their goals and the steps to follow

 Tools and strategies to live their best life


The globally recognised Teen Dynamics test has been specifically written for young people. It takes only 15-20 minutes to complete and will provide a detailed report on your teenager's unique blend of strengths, the value they add to others, potential careers and and how they learn best.

These tokens are included within our programmes. They can also be purchased separately. A one-on-one review with a trained facilitator can be booked at anytime.


Support your teenager to get ahead!

Get a token NOW!

Tokens normally sell for $97USD (~$140NZD).

Purchase here, through us, and get for

That's a whopping 30% discount!

You can pay by credit card - just make sure to put your email address for us to send the token to!

Get individual guidance!

To get maximum value from the report and the chance to ask questions, we offer private, one-on-one debriefs over Zoom.

For  just $280NZD, your teenager will meet with a trained and qualified facilitator for up to 90 mins and get clear on how they learn best, their career choices and next steps.

Profile test

Topics covered:

Day One:

  • Natural strengths and profile test

  • Passions and importance of doing what you love

  • How and why we each learn and act differently

  • Emotional intelligence, peer pressure and self-esteem

  • Stages of development in the teenage brain

  • Relaxation 

Day Two:

  • Importance of mindset and how to start each day with gratitude

  • UN’s sustainable goals and exploring purpose

  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur, or to be entrepreneurial within a job

  • Importance of resilience

  • Current and future trends and impact on jobs

  • Group enterprise activity

  • Individual goals


Each teenager will walk away with the confidence of knowing who they are and how they can follow their flow and succeed in life. Moreover, they will have a lot of fun and make many new friends.

Families will walk away with a better understanding of how to support their teenager.

Our Programmes in a Nutshell

Our programmes are based on personalised learning. We start with the individual and analyse their particular set of strengths. Non-personalised learning can often seem irrelevant to individual needs and it is easy to become disengaged.


This is different! It is transformational. The programmes are driven by the teenagers themselves. They experience real change in their feelings of self-worth, motivation and sense of purpose. They leave the programme more confident and more resilient. We don't focus on improving academic grades or qualifications, however previous participants have improve their school grades as a result of their improved confidence and clarity.


We look at what it's going to take to be successful in tomorrow's world, listen to amazing stories from other young people and ensure each teenager  identifies their own pathway for success.


How Will I Benefit?

Discover your true strengths and see how other peoples' strength profiles differ to your own. Understand why you find some things easy and other things not so easy, and why you learn differently to others.

Enjoy fun-packed sessions, meeting other teenagers and sharing your individual journeys. Find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur and listen to real life stories from other young people. 

Explore your passions and what you really want to do with your life. Determine your vision and direction. Grow your confidence and create a plan for your next steps!

Find out about the concept of flow, learn how to get into flow, and how to stay in it, so you can learn better and focus on what you really enjoy.

Have your family and friends attend a session so they can understand your strength profile, what it means to be in flow, and support you on your natural path to a successful and fulfilling life.

Be prepared for the changing world of tomorrow. Explore the challenges and benefits of technology. Find out how the world of work is changing and what the next big things are likely to be. 

Who Should Attend?

Programmes are open to all teenagers between the ages of 13-15 and 15-17 who want to discover their unique strengths and passions, grow their confidence and explore what is important to them. The programme focuses on individualised learning and setting everyone up to succeed.


Whether you feel limited by school, want to explore starting a business of your own, or simply want to know more about how you learn and your future opportunities, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

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